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                              About us

                              Research and Development
                              R&D Centre is the professional institution of our corporation. exerting itself to develop new pesticides and veterinary drugs of chemosynthesis and biosynthesis products. And it is gradually entering the developing field of transgenic technology and biomass energy technology.
                              Academic leaders

                              Doctors as academic leaders, with rich experience, worked in well-known universities and research institution at home or abroad for years. An  R&D echelon of doctor-master-bachelor.
                              Cooperative institution 

                              China Agriculture University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nankai University,  Shenyang chemical industry research institute , Brazil Bioagri Laboratory, America Stillmeadow Incorporated.
                              15 bioassay bases were founded in northward and southward.
                              Advanced equipment

                              High-class R&D building in China, with advanced open laboratories on microorganism, Semi-biological Synthesis, chemosynthesis, water-based formulation, solid formulation, packing materials experiment, etc. High-level pilot plants in China, with varieties of advanced pilot equipment at home and abroad.

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