Don’t Assume all old HDB flat will be eligible for SERS

Keeping HDB as prices will rise further eventually?

 I would like to share that HDB values eventually may depreciate as the 99 year lease comes closer to an end.  More and more restrictions are imposed on potential buyer for older HDB units and eventually, as Minister of National Development – Lawrence Wong said, “…most HDB flats, their leases will eventually run out and the flats returned to HDB, which in turn surrenders the land the flats are on to the State which means your flat value will be Zero“.

Which option is better for investment or legacy planning ? HDB or private?

HDB allows most to make profits when you got it new or with grants.  But do remember, after obtaining grants, you will be subjected to resale levy when you decide to purchase another new HDB (include EC).  For older HDB, it’s the same to having a car, value will depreciate as less buyers will be keen to purchase the old HDB.
So remember,
(1) don’t buy a resale HDB at a high pricing
(2) consider seriously whether to keep a HDB unit for too long or should you plan towards upgrading to private property.

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